Finishing my EP

Hey y’all! I am super excited! I just got home from the Lucky Run recording studio, where we finished mixing all of the songs for my very first self-Titled debut EP! I am so glad to finally have everything almost completed for this project. Jaytel Birmingham, my vocal producer and I also made a layout for the CD, including picking out what pictures we are going to use from my recent photo shoot by Maddie Richards. We created a marketing plan to boost my social media, and raise awareness for my EP and single. My second single (song announced soon… stay tuned) will be released on iTunes in about a month and my EP will be released sometime this summer.  Please stay up to date for the dates of the release of my single and EP by checking out and following me on all of my my social media — Instagram and twitter (@reaganjmusic), Facebook (, and please subscribe to me on YouTube (reaganjohnsonmusic)… 

I am also so excited that I will be able to start working with my vocal producer once a week to work on artist development! We will meet and plan out future projects, work on songwriting, and  work on furthering my career as an artist.  I’m so grateful for Jaytel, and for him believing me as an artist!

So, after a long year of hard work, song writing, and recording, my project is almost done! I am so thankful for all of the people that have helped me along the way to get this project done. Thank you to my parents, my sister, Lucky Run Studio, Michael, Jaytel, Ian, Dan, and Jeremy for being part of my team and getting the job done.  You all are they real MVP’s (inside joke between my team and I.)

IMG_2721 IMG_4950