LA Life!

Hey y’all! Right now I am on a plane heading to Los Angeles! I am going to be there monday through Thursday going to different music meetings and dinners with friends in the area!

When we get there today, it will be around noon so I want to get out of LAX as quick as possible so we can do a little shopping before all of my meetings shop…. most of all I really want to go to Brandy Melville (if you have never shopped there… I HIGHLY suggest it, here is the link: and In-n-out burger! I really don’t like hamburgers at all, but I die for in-n-out, especially their french fries 😀

I really wish that I could spend more time here, the weather is amazing and so are all of the people!

On Tuesday we went to a lunch at the Soho House, and I met with an awesome music manager! He lit up the room when he walked in, and he just had the best personality! While we were there we talked music, and I met some awesome people! I met B.J Novak from the office (one of my favorite shows ever), Eric Dane from Greys Anatomy, Sharon Stone, and I saw Ruby Rose as well, and she is just so beautiful!

On Tuesday I met with a country music manager, and he gave me a lot of insight into the music industry, and he really has me thinking about the steps I need to take to get my name out there! 

I also met with the best vocal coach! He gave me so many tools to really help develop my voice! I can’t wait to go back to LA soon, and meet with all of these people again!

This was a very busy trip, but we still got to see family friends! One morning we got up early at went to Griffith Park and hiked up a mountain, unfortunately there was no access to the hollywood sign, so we just hiked up a mountain near there! There was a big trail that you can walk up, then there were very small, steep trails which for some reason I thought would be fun to climb up HAHA! My dad, mr. Scott and I went up those trails and we made it to the top, and then we ran down the mountain, and that was the best work out ever!

I can’t wait to go back in August and share more memories with y’all!