RNASA Awards

RNASA Awards

Hey y’all! Last Friday I had the pleasure to sing the National Anthem at the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA) Stellar awards!

The event was so amazing and so well put together… I was so excited to go to this event because I had never been to an award show of this type before, (that is… an award show not at school haha) and the people that I had the pleasure to meet there were AMAZING.

The main award for the night was the National Space Trophy that was awarded to Dr. Charles Elachi, who is the director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It was an honor to meet someone with such great knowledge of space; he has pioneered so many recent projects for nasa, allowing us to better understand space. To read more in depth about Dr. Elachi’s achievements click here.

I also got to meet Bill Nye (the Science Guy), which was so cool because he basically taught me everything I know about science… He gave an amazing speech after receiving the Space Communicator Award. He is such a nice, and very funny, person who has achieved so much as a scientist, and he deserved this award!

Some of the other people there were Miles O’Brien and P.J O’Rourke who gave amazing speeches and hosted the event wonderfully. ¬†Also I got to meet Dr. Charles Bolden (the NASA administrator) and his lovely wife, who were the nicest people I have ever met! Dr. Bolden has achieved so many wonderful things in his career and he is a real pioneer for NASA, and everything that he does!

It was an honor to participate in the event and see all of these amazing scientists get their well deserved awards! Thank you so much again to Marc Havican for inviting me to sing and watch the awards, what an amazing night!

Have a great weekend everyone!