Sorry I’ve been AWOL :o

Hey y’all! So sorry I’ve disappeared for the last few weeks! The end of school has been crazy busy, with finishing AP’s, studying for exams, and some school events and performances.

About two weeks ago I was inducted into my schools Thespian Honor Society, and I was so happy about this! I love my theatre troupe so much, they’re like my second family! 😀

Last week on Thursday, my choir program had their end of year choir banquet! Although it was raining cats and dogs… everyone still showed up and it was a ton of fun! We had a big dessert bar with a chocolate fountain, and I ate quite a lot of the chocolate hehe… Then on Friday, the Austin theatre troupe hosted their annual Thespis awards! It was so fun to dress up, and go out with my friends and watch all of the talented actors and actresses get awards! I was nominated for three awards, while I didn’t get them my friends did and I’m so proud of them! Then on saturday (yes this was a very busy week) I attended the FBISD Jerry Baber awards, which is an award show for theatre throughout the whole district. I got to present an award which was so cool! My friends and I also got to perform one of my favorite songs from out musical Zombie Prom, since it was nominated for a lot of awards! It was so so fun to relive the amazing times we had during the musical!

After that week I had a break for a few days, and then it was time to prepare for the Choir spring show! We had an amazing turn out, and we had other people outside of choir perform at the concert! Everyone sounded so amazing, and it was our biggest concert of the year!

And this morning I participated in my school’s tennis tournament fundraiser! I played mixed doubles with my boyfriend, and we only won because of him! Even though I’m not a great player(on the form I put my level as: worse than beginner haha) it was super fun and they raised a lot of money!

It has been a crazy busy few weeks, and I am super excited for this summer and all the fun times that are coming with it!