Sugar Land Superstar Semi-Finals! Saturday July 18th

Reagan J is performing at the Sugar Land Superstar Semi-Finals competition! The competition is  on Saturday, July 18th at 7 PM! The Sugar Land Superstar competition is like an American Idol but for people living in the Sugar Land Area! About 80 people come to the general auditions, then the preliminary judges choose 20 of those people to participate in the semi-finals! There are two rounds of semi finals with 10 contestants in each one, and out of those 10, 5 are chosen to advance to the finals!  The judges judge the performers based on their talent, performance, and crowd response… so if y’all are able to make it please come and help her secure her spot in the competition’s Finals in August! It will be a fun night, and there will be a lot of talent, so please come out and watch!