Sunday, May 9-10, 2015: River Pointe Church

On saturday May 9th and 10th, Reagan will be singing her newest song ‘Find Her in Me’ at her church, River Pointe. She is very excited to sing her song this weekend for Mother’s Day, because she wrote this song based off a verse in Proverbs that talks about the worth of a woman, and all that she does. Reagan was very inspired by this verse after doing a whole Bible study book about it, and decided to write a song about it with Connie Mims Pinkerton! She talked about the worth of a woman, then focused on the worth of mothers, which let her incorporate all of the amazing things her mother has done into the song. Reagan is releasing the song on iTunes this Mother’s Day, because it just seems like the perfect time. Reagan has been going to River Pointe Church since she was born (well, except for when she lived in Dubai). River Pointe has a very special place in Reagan’s heart, and she is overjoyed at the opportunity to sing a song that she wrote with the Praise and Worship Team. The RPC film crew came to Reagan’s house, and they filmed a short video allowing her to explain why she wrote the song, and what it means to her. 

There are four Mother’s Day services this weekend: Saturday at 5 PM, and Sunday at 8:30, 10 and 11:45 AM, and your family will enjoy a FREE family photo from a professional photographer!  Thus whole entire service is a very special service dedicated to all mother’s, and will include great songs, an amazing sermon, and a few child-parent dedications! So, if you need a place to go to celebrate with your Mother this Mother’s Day, head on out to River Pointe Church!