Throwback Thursday… Tanzania!

For this throwback thursday blog… I want to share one of my fondest memories, my trip to Tanzania. When I lived in Dubai, at the end of every year in middle school the students would take a trip called Week Without Walls  to one of the three countries offered. During my 7th grade year (my last year in Dubai) I got my #1 choice and got to travel to Tanzania! So, for 10 days my classmates and I embarked on our journey. From Dubai we flew to Nairobi, Kenya, and then drove in a big open truck for 8 hours to our first camp site. We traveled all around Tanzania with a few people from the Maasai tribe… every night they would circle our campsites to make sure that we were safe! One morning we woke up and saw they were sacrificing a goat as an offering.  Of course this was something I had never witnessed  but a very cool and different experience !  As we were traveling from campsite to campsite we were able to see so many animals in their natural habitats! It was so cool to hear stories from the tour guides about the animals, and to be able to see them so close… we had a lion rest right next to our car for shade! On the last few days of our trip, we went to a small village and visited a school to do some community service for them. We arrived with bags of  clothes and shoes that we had collected before the trip to donate to them.  We also dug holes and planted 100 trees! It was such an eye opening experience to see how happy these kids were with so little.  They were genuinely happy to see us and to see that we wanted to help them! They really showed me that I need to appreciate what I have and never take it for granted… many of these kids walk 4-5 kilometers to school, sometimes barefoot, and they are willing to do it because they want to learn! I was one of the two girls on the trip who had blonde hair, and the children swarmed me and my friend wanted to see and feel our hair! The time that we spent at the school with the kids were the BEST days of the trip, and I would love to have the chance to go back and visit them again one day!  The trip was such an amazing experience all together, and I loved being able to help the kids, and learn about their culture!